Larry's Gear

Main basses:

'91 Sadowsky, fretted 5-string with EMG pickups and Bartolini TCT preamp
Fernandes, active, fretless 5-string (modified)
German acoustic bass (unknown luthier, @1900)
Czech-Ease acoustic bass


Markbass Markacoustic AC 101 combo
Epifani UL 210 combo
SWR SM-900 amp (modified)
SWR Workingman's 12 combo (modified)
Fishman Pocket Blender preamp

Speaker cabinets:

SWR Goliath (4 x 10, horn)
SWR Goliath Junior (2 x 10, horn)

Effects and other accessories:

DBX 160X and 163X compressors
Various Boss effect pedals
Akai SB-1 Deep Impact bass synth pedal
David Gage "The Realist" acoustic bass pickup
Wilson acoustic bass pickup
Countryman microphone
Kolstein bow
Pork Pie throne
Thomastik Spirocore "Orchestra" acoustic bass strings
GHS Super Steels and Boomer electric bass strings
(endorsed by GHS since '94)

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