First Move

Track List

  1. Matu
  2. Seven Come Five
  3. Torino
  4. Salif Meets Ralph
  5. First Move
  6. Break the Ice
  7. Quiet Dignity
  8. Nigerian Dream
  9. Il Bacio
  10. Maybe We Should...
  11. The Question of Forever

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On his ASCAP award-winning, debut recording, First Move, composer, bassist, and producer Larry Steen is joined by jazz luminaries Ernie Watts, Dave Weckl, Bill Cunliffe, Jeff Beal and Otmaro Ruiz, among others, in the creation of a rich milieu of "world-jazz" textured with authentic West African, Brazilian, Caribbean and funk-r'n'b rhythms and the sophisticated harmonic sensibility of jazz and classical music. Jimmy Haslip (of the Yellowjackets) is the executive producer of the CD.

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