Critics Rave!!!

“...a giant of the not too distant future. Steen is a young, limber bassist whose works sparkled with fresh ideas.”

Los Angeles Times

“The wide range of instrumental colors, exotic rhythms and time signatures, along with the high musicianship, make this [View From Afar] a highly recommended recording...”“...expertly played by the well-rehearsed band, unusual and consistently intriguing.”“Bassist Larry Steen has come up with an interesting and viable bridge between the two genres [fusion and ethnic music] that’s not over done from either aspect.”“...Steen himself who most amazes with lyricism that belies his young age. For the contemporary jazz fan, this [First Move] is a delightful effort on the part of a musician who we are bound to hear more from.”

L.A. Jazz Scene

“...a well-rehearsed and colorful group, which is both funky and explorative, [The Larry Steen World Jazz Ensemble] is carving out its own unique niche.”

Music Connection

“...he composes real songs, not just bass solos set to rhythm tracks. This CD [First Move] is well worth the money.”

Bass Frontiers Magazine

“What sets Steen apart is his first-hand understanding of many different idioms.”

Jazziz Magazine

“...he is always there, with strong tunes and a confident tone. The Latin tunes burst with a fervor, in the lines and the way they’re played.”

The Green Mountain Jazz Messenger

“...he’s clearly an accomplished player and composer...”

Bass Player Magazine

“Keep your eye out for projects with Steen on them, they look like they could be a lot of musical fun.”

Bassics Magazine

“Larry Steen, acoustic and electric bass player extraordinaire...”

Entertainment Today

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