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After witnessing Chris Wabich's remarkable performance at the MD Drum Festival, Modern Drummer magazine made him the featured talent in their October 1996 issue. Chris has performed and recorded with Sting, Brian Bromberg, Robert Greenidge (Jimmy Buffett), Jimmy Johnson (Allan Holdsworth, James Taylor), Eliot Wadopian (Paul Winter), Bad Haggis, Latin legend Ruben Blades, Axiom of Choice, Llew Matthews (Nancy Wilson), steel drum legend Boogsie Sharpe and renowned progressive rockers Kevin Ayers (Soft Machine), Mike Hoffman (Tony Williams Lifetime) and Richard Sinclair (Caravan). He has also recorded on soundtracks for film and television and on Yamaha disclavier CDs which include the titles "Michael McDonald", "Caribbean Standards" and "Porgy and Bess". As a featured artist, he has performed with the University of Montana State PAS, the Long Beach, Virginia and Buffalo symphony orchestras and at the Pori Jazz Festival and FACES Ethnofestival in Finland, the San Jose Jazz Fest, the Hesperia Carnival, Jazz at Indian Wells, the CSU Summer Arts Workshops and the University of North Carolina. He is endorsed by Cadeson custom drums.

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